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Initially, Krispy Kreme started in the US in 1937 and decided to sell doughnuts to the public. With not many doughnut specialists in the country or even the world, they quickly expanded and eventually made the move into the UK in 2003. Although the very first store, located in Harrods, has now closed, there are 35 other locations thriving. In addition to having specialised stores, Krispy Kreme products can also be found in many major supermarkets and other stores including Tesco.

Over the years, they have attempted to appeal to changing trends by introducing a drive-through at one location as well as a whole wheat option for those watching the calories. Within the UK, Krispy Kreme stores can be separated into three categories including Fresh, Hot Tunnels, and Factory Stores. Essentially, it all comes down to whether they have the equipment to produce doughnuts on-site.