28 Poundland stores will start selling clothes

February 10, 2017

28 Poundland stores will start selling clothes

Poundland recently announced that 28 of their stores all over the UK will soon sell clothing.

PEP&CO, a brand which have been titled as one of the fastest UK fashion brands around, plan on launching clothes shops in 50 of the UK Poundland stores.

The brand have stated that they plan on opening 50, what are known as "shop-in-shops", in 50 Poundland stores. This isn't the first time that PEP&CO have attempted a launch of this size; in 2015 they opened 50 stores in just 50 days, all of which were standalone stores.

They propose to start off by opening 28 of their stores, the nearest of which is going to be in Paignton. Other store locations will include, but aren't limited to, Cheltenham, Norwich, Truro, Great Yarmouth, and Halifax.

PEP&CO are a brand who sell very affordable clothing for men, women, and children of all ages; as well as small range of household utensils. The executives of PEP&CO have said that their goal is to assist those in need to purchase clothes without spending ridiculous amounts.

The brand has now taken a step to expand themselves by opening several new shops inside of their existing sister-shops; Poundland.

One questions which a lot of customers have been asking is whether or not clothing prices will follow on from Poundland, and cost a mere £1. Executives have said that clothes will start at £1, although can range up to £10.