Aldi Planning to Open a New Store in Birmingham

August 07, 2017

Aldi Planning to Open a New Store in Birmingham

11 years ago, Aldi purchased a plot of land which to this day has remained unused. However, they recently announced that they are planning to open a new store on the plot which is within a mile of its competitors; Morrisons and Sainsbury's.

The German chain will be opening the new store near Longbridge, fronting the A38.

In the plot which the store will be built is the remains of the previous occupier, Texaco petrol station. Since the petrol station closed it has become overgrown, run down, and in dire need of an uplift.

Aldi plan on bringing this uplift and in doing so will be creating as many as 20 full-time jobs. The store will be equipped with 81 car parking spots.

The new store will be located right on the edge of one of Birmingham's busiest roads and will be neighbouring McDonald's, so there's no doubting that this store is going to be a success.

With this new store, Aldi will be creating more competition in the area as it will be located within less than a mile of a Morrisons and a Sainsbury's.

Aldi has previously attempted to re-develop the plot and turn it into a thriving store, but have been denied planning permission to do so on two separate conditions. The main reason for denial of their plans was due to the River Rea, which is located close by and may have resulted in flooding.

Following their denial, Aldi attempted to demonstrate that there was no risk of flooding on the p lot although failed to do so. According to the planning documents which Aldi submitted for assessment, their demonstration was unsuccessful and the Planning Inspector dismissed the appeal.

Back in 2015, Aldi was adamant that they would develop the plot to become one of their thriving stores and so applied for planning permission once again, but this time with a "regional training centre". Birmingham is already saturated with supermarkets so we are eager to see how things play out for Aldi.

This development project joins several others in the Birmingham area.

Both Tesco and Morrisons recently opened their doors close to Birmingham's city centre, although Tesco had recently shut down their store at Five Ways island.

On top of Aldi's development project next to the A38, they also recently applied for planning permission to open a new store on Pershore Road, just down the road from where Lidl's will be opening a new store soon.