Anglia Retail Park to see summer additions of The Range Dunelm and Go Outdoors

March 15, 2017

Anglia Retail Park to see summer additions of The Range Dunelm and Go Outdoors

The Anglia Retail Park located in Ipswich is set to receive a major boost and by the middle of this year, we can see some action in this park if there are no shortcomings.

Popular stores like The Range and The Dunelm are planning to relocate to Anglia Retail Park from Suffolk Retail Park located on London Road. Also, Go Outdoors is planning to open its first store in Ipswich in Anglia Retail Park. They are planning to join the new Bounce trampoline center which will be opened in the place where B&Q store was present.

Although there were initial restrictions regarding the retail park that only bulky goods based out of an out-of-town site are to be sold, it has now been relaxed as there were no takers for this policy.

The new development happened last week and ever since then, The Range and other retail stores have applied for planning permission and are planning to build an extension at the location.

Once the plan gains approval, there will approximately be 5,500 square meters of floor space created and 4,700 square meters will be earmarked for retail stores.

With this development, the new store would be one of the largest, offering 130 spaces. It will create employment opportunities for 100 people in Anglia Retail Park as most of the stores might end up relocating their existing employees from other stores.

There was no official communication from The Range regarding the application and when the details of borough council were obtained, it was observed that the company is actively in search of a large store to improve its sales.

As per the report, it was found that 3,250 square meters of floor space is required to ensure that products that are not observing sales can be pushed and as a result, they can break even in whatever they invest in the store. The Range might be able to improve on its sales and revenues with the new store, as there are a lot of potential customers.

Potential customers from the surrounding areas appreciated the move by The Range, as they were tired with shopping at Suffolk Retail Park and were badly waiting for their favorite store to move to a better and larger space.

The main problem with Suffolk Retail Park is the congestion in the surrounding junctions. Although steps have been taken to fix it, the problem of congestion still persists.