Argos Intend on Opening a Store Inside of Sainsbury's

February 22, 2017

Argos Intend on Opening a Store Inside of Sainsbury's

Argos have announced their intentions to open a new store inside of Sainsbury's branch in Ballymena.

The current Argos location which is located next to Tower Centre will be closed sometime in April, and will be replaced by the new location which will be opened inside of Ballymena's Sainsbury's location.

To ease any staff worries that some readers may have, all staff will remain employed although their job locations will be changed to the new location.

According to an Argos spokesman, this change in location will help to provide customers with a more convenient experience.

The spokesman went on to say, "Not only will we be able to offer up to 20,000 more products to our customers, but will be able to deliver more products to our customer's homes each day. On top of that, within hours of a customer ordering an item from our store, we can have it prepared for them to pick up.", "We will also be offering an eBay collection service to which we will deliver items which our customers have purchased on eBay to their home."

The decision to make the move was decided after the same parent company of Sainsbury's purchased Argos.

Another Sainsbury's spokesperson stated, "We're incredibly excited to see how the addition of an Argos into a Sainsbury's establishment turns out."