Bispham Center to welcome Poundstretcher store

March 20, 2017

Bispham Center to welcome Poundstretcher store

A great discount store of B&Q Bispham center will be opened by the mayor. Both Pet Hut and its group company Poundstretcher are planning to open stores and it will be creating employment opportunities for nearly 25 people, including three managers.

B&Q had closed down in January and the existing employees were given job opportunities across Screwfix, which was not lucrative.

This time, Poundstretcher has rented 20,000 square feet of retail space in Holyoake Avenue to host its store along with the stores of its two sister companies. Recently, the interior work for the retail stores were in full swing.

As per the Regional Controller, John Graham, they are excited to serve the customers in Blackpool with a variety of products that range from food; toiletries, gardening, home wares and Pet Hut will cater to all the pet related needs.

Their team is working hard to ensure that customers shopping with them at this store will have a wonderful experience.

Pet Hut has grown rapidly and has emerged to become the fastest growing pet goods retailer due to their vast collection of pet foods, treats, brushes and pet care products.

Started in 2013 by Poundstretcher, Pet Hut has emerged to be among one of the most valuable companies.