B&M Have Officially Announced the Opening Date for Their New Store in Frome

August 01, 2017

B&M Have Officially Announced the Opening Date for Their New Store in Frome

B&M, a popular discount retailer in the UK, will be taking over the former Poundland unit in Frame and have recently publicised everything that you need to know about getting a job there.

The new B&M location will be located on Station Approach and will be opening its doors on the 24th of August. With this new store, Frome will see an increase of 45 new jobs.

A B&M spokesperson has said, "We can't wait to o pen another B&M store in the Somerset area. This is a fantastic location for our business and we can't wait to see how customers perceive our new project."

"Our team have been working tirelessly to prepare the store and we simply can't wait to open it up for the first time in August." they continued.

This isn't the first store that B&M have launched during the Summer. They have also recently opened stores in Bridgewater and Burnham-on-Sea. B&M currently have over 300 employees in the Somerset area and over the past few years, have continued to grow at a very fast rate.

There are several different "forms" of the B&M stores. The 3 main types of B&M are B&M Home Stores, B&M Bargain Stores, and many of their stores are accompanied by a garden centre.

A local Frome newspaper revealed that the most recent addition of the B&M chain will be a B&M Bargain Store and will also have a garden centre. Products that you can expect to find in this store include pet products, plants and garden ornaments, beauty products, and a lot more.

Poundland formerly filled this location although after shutting down, the store blamed the closure on acquiring the 99p Stores brand.

A Poundland spokesperson has stated, "After acquiring 99p Stores, we realised that there were two Poundland stores in the same area, and not very far apart. Of course, we had to make a very difficult decision and close either of them. As unfortunate as this is, it's unavoidable."

For the Frome communities, the nearest Poundland store is in Warminster and in the Three Horseshoes Shopping Centre.

Frome will also be saying goodbye to a popular shoe shop, Shoe Zone, which is set to close down in August. We have yet to find out what will be occupying the store afterwards.