B&M Opens a New Discount Store in Worcester

February 27, 2017

B&M Opens a New Discount Store in Worcester

B&M, a company which are known for the amazing discounts which they offer, was opened to the public by Paul Denham, the mayor of Worcester, alongside several representatives from the St Richard's Hospice.

With the release of this new B&M location in the Worcester area, over 40 new jobs will be available for the local residents of Worcester. The increase of local jobs available alone, is fantastic news.

Paul Denham stated, "This new B&M store has already provided our community with a massive 40 jobs which is fantastic for those currently seeking employment in the Worcester area", "There is already a successful B&M store in the Tallow Hill area which due to its success, led them to opening a new branch here.", "With our community continuing to grow at a rapid rate, having another store provides our residents with more variety when it comes to their shopping."

This new B&M store is located in Broomhall and is on Bath Road, in the same plot where a Homebase store previously was. At some point during the Spring of this year, a new Aldi branch will also be opening next to this B&M.

Jill Brookes, a regular and loyal B&M customer, said, "I am from Droitwich and came here to see the new addition to the company. I have always been impressed by what B&M have to offer and with this new store, I'm more than impressed. This particular store has a better layout and getting around couldn't be easier.

The deputy manager of this new B&M store told, "Our new establishment in the city centre has already helped to bring an increase in jobs, as well as discounts on a vast range of branded products."

A local resident, Dave Martin, stated, "I am currently not a regular to the B&M store for convenience reasons, although this is definitely a fantastic addition to our community and helps to add more competitive pricing."

Andre Bradley, the manager who has been put in charge of this new store, said, "Because of the support and acceptance that we received from the St Richard's Hospice staff team, we have been looking into some different ways to give them a VIP experience.", "Every single member of our staff team have been working endlessly to open the doors to our new store, and show the community how we can be a success."