Brompton Road in London to Welcome AllSaints

June 20, 2017

Brompton Road in London to Welcome AllSaints

During the upcoming weekend, AllSaints have announced that they plan on opening a new store on Brompton Road.

On Saturday the 18th of June, the 3,500+ square foot store will open its doors for the first time and will be home to some of the most popular clothing brands out there for both men and women.

The store will be two storeys and is designed with a "natural" theme. The floors are fitted with natural oak flooring and the walls are designed in a way which exposes the brickwork and structure of the building.

Throughout the store there are also several digital browsing pods which allow for customers to browse for what they're specifically looking for, instead of searching through the store.

AllSaints now has over 230 locations, 85 of which are based in the UK and 18 of which are based in the Central London area, and are currently in 24 countries. The AllSaints brand originally launched itself back in 2014 and in Asia. Over 50% of the revenue which AllSaints gather comes from outside of the UK, mostly from areas such as North America and Mexico.

William Kim, the CEO of AllSaints, told "We are constantly looking for new business expansion opportunities and are thrilled about our upcoming expansion in the UK. We have several projects which we are expecting to reveal in 2017 and 2018 and our new store on Brompton Road is just the beginning."