Burger King's New Menu to Include 3 Burgers and Several Sides All with Bacon in Mind

May 09, 2017

Burger King's New Menu to Include 3 Burgers and Several Sides All with Bacon in Mind

Burger King's new limited edition menu is available at all locations across the UK and all burgers and side meals are made with bacon in mind, and with a brand-new sauce.

If you're a lover of bacon (which let's face it, who isn't?), then Burger King is the place to be.

Burger King's menu typically focuses on cheese as opposed to other burger components, although their new menu focuses solely on bacon. To make this bacon outlook even better, their burgers come accompanied by their new sauce Baconnaise.

The sauce is the centre of the excitement and has the spotlight set on it with the release of this new limited edition menu.

The 3 new burgers include the Smokey Baconnaise Angus, the Smokey Baconnaise Tendercrisp, and the Bacon Double Cheese XL. The addition of these burgers will be accompanied by a new side meal - the Bacon Cheese Bites.

Smokey Baconnaise Angus - Your regular Angus XT burger served with bacon on top, the new Baconnaise sauce, tomatoes and cheese, all placed in between a fresh and crispy bun.

Smokey Baconnaise Tendercrip - A Chicken Tendercrisp burger placed on a bun along with bacon, Baconnaise, tomato, and cheese.

Bacon Double Cheese XL - This burger isn't for the weak stomached. Two flame-grilled beef burgers placed upon a bun with smoked bacon, and melted cheese; all placed upon a toasted and crispy bun.

Each of these burgers will cost £4.99 alone, or £6.99 when purchasing a meal. When buying the delicious Bacon Cheese Bites, you can purchase a 4-piece meal for £1.99 or a 6-piece meal for £2.89.