Burger Restaurant to Possible Open a New Restaurant in Oxford

April 19, 2017

Burger Restaurant to Possible Open a New Restaurant in Oxford

Five Guys, a big brand from America, could be opening a burger restaurant in Oxford later in the year.

They plan to move into the previous Odeon cinema unit and have already filed an application to the Oxford City Council in order to change the use of the unit.

The popular American burger restaurant has been around since 1986 and started off with a single restaurant in Virginia, but as of 2013 reports show that they have over 1,000 restaurants across the United States.

Many celebrities openly support the restaurant chain and have claimed that it holds the title of their favourite burger, including the former President of the US Barack Obama.

Susie Finlay, the Editor of Cherwell's Food and Drink, told, "Five Guys is a fantastic addition to the Oxford area and is a great addition to the restaurant choices which are provided to the locals. Their burgers are simply the best that you'll find and are exactly what you'd expect from grade-A meat."

"This isn't a one-time thing though. You can expect over the next few years for the rest of the UK to be flooded with several other burger joints expanding both nationally and internationally. Studies have shown that by 2019, the gourmet burgers industry will be worth approximately £3.3 billion. Nowadays burgers are much different than the previous McDonalds burger which we've come to expect."

Contrary to this editor's excitement, an Oxford student exclaimed their anger towards the plans of another burger restaurant in Oxford.

"It's simply ridiculous how competitive the Oxford culinary scene has become. There are already a vast number of choices when it comes to finding somewhere to eat although these big companies are continuing to steal smaller businesses' business opportunities. Adding another burger joint which has yet again showed no creativity into the equation is rage-filling.", said the student.

They went on to say, "There is a Gourmet Burger Kitchen neighbouring a Byron, and not far away from that there is a Banana Tree and a Thaikun next to one another. Across from those two, there's a Giraffe; a local version of Nando's."

Rosie Crawford, an undergraduate and food blogger, told us, "More and more burger chains are coming to Oxford that they might as well just give us another fast food restaurant like McDonalds or Burger King. The students here would be just as happy with those."

"I understand it might be an attraction for tourists, but the vegan communities at our college, which there are a big number of, have very little to choose from. Perhaps a culinary company should look into a vegetarian restaurant.", continued Crawford.

The first Fiver Guys international restaurant was brought to London back in July of 2013, the day prior to the first international Shake Shack. As of 2016, there are now over 27 Five Guys restaurants across the UK.

The new Oxford restaurant is expected to be opened on the 24th of May, although there is no date set in stone.