Costcutter to Open a Brand New 1 Million Supermarket in Portishead

April 03, 2017

Costcutter to Open a Brand New 1 Million Supermarket in Portishead

Within the next 2 months, the people of Portishead can expect to see a new addition to the Costcutter brand and according to their reports, they are expected to open their doors at some time in May.

Costcutter stated that by creating this new branch, they are able to bring 15 new jobs to the Portishead area.

"We have another 24 Costcutter stores in Bristol and having another branch join our brand will only make us stronger.", said Gareth Dexter.

The acquisitions manager for South-West Co-op branches continued, "We have taken the time to arrange our store in a way which can be easily understood by all customers and are proud to present locals with our award-winning food."

With this new addition, commercial competition will increase in Portishead.

In terms of choice, there are already several well-known brands in the Portishead area for consumers to choose from. Waitrose, Tesco Express, Iceland, and Lidl's. These are just some of the most popular places for shoppers to choose from.

According to Costcutter, their store is located in a prime position for the locals. They will also provide baked goods and fresh local foods, as well as promoting healthy meals.

The store will also include a cash machine, will be open 7 days a week, and will be open from 7am until 10pm.

"We put so much effort into locating new places for our stores and we are dedicated to providing communities with fresh and high-quality foods without inconveniencing them. Customers want to convenience when it comes to shopping and we make sure that they get that.", Robert Bignold stated.

The head of new store development went on to say, "Last year we launched 100 new stores across the UK and this year we intend to repeat that. We are constantly watching out for new locations to open a new store."