Dunelm Creating Over 60 Jobs with Their New Altrincham Store

February 20, 2017

Dunelm Creating Over 60 Jobs with Their New Altrincham StoreDunelm Creating Over 60 Jobs with Their New Altrincham Store

This new addition to the Dunelm brand will include not only a 30,000-square foot store, but an upstairs mezzanine floor is available alongside a cafe.

With the new Dunelm retail store being moved to Altrincham, within the Bridgewater Retail Park, and being opened to the public on the 28th of February, it will be creating a huge 60 jobs in doing so.

With this new store, Dunelm will be providing over 20,000 products which cater to all its customer's homeware needs.

All of the new employees with this store will be trained so that they are able to effectively cater to the customer's needs, and answer any uncertainties or questions that they may have.

While in the store, customers will have access to several big-name brands such as Joseph Joseph, Fogarty, and even several new products which are original and unique to Dunelm.

Suzannah Bolton, the store manager who is responsible for making this store a reality, said, "We are incredibly excited to be a part of the Altrincham community. The support which we have received from the public so far is overwhelming."

Bolton went on to say, "We noticed a gap in the homeware offering which Altrincham has to offer and seized the opportunity to offer the locals with a more diverse choice of products.", "The opening day which we have planned is very exciting and we invite all members of the community to join us."

This new Dunelm establishment will be open to the public on Tuesday the 28th of February.