Gourmet Burger Kitchen to Start Selling a Black Burger

May 12, 2017

Gourmet Burger Kitchen to Start Selling a Black Burger

The most anticipated burger restaurant is said to be selling burgers which are served on a charcoal bun, something which is clearly unusual.

"Chicken Ninja Burger", which is what the burger will be known as, is a limited-edition burger which is currently available on Gourmet Burger Kitchen's menu through their website.

This burger has been made with a keen influence from Japanese food and is made from a panko crumb covered chicken breast, katsu curry sauce, all of which is placed upon a charcoal bun and is served with Tokyo coleslaw and miso ketchup.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen's head of food, Tim Molema, told us, "We've been looking to release this burger for a while and after a lot of preparation, we're ready. After preparing the chicken breast and the delicious spicy katsu curry sauce, we throw it together with the Tokyo coleslaw and the miso ketchup, and you have a burger worth dying for."

"We also have a milkshake to go along with it. Our Matcha green tea milkshake is available at all of our restaurant and is also made with a keen eye on Japanese culinary.", he went on to say.

You are able to get your hands on one of these delicious burgers at any GBK restaurant in the UK until the 13th of June, and it is priced at £10.95.