Home Bargains Opening Their Doors in Swindon

June 26, 2017

Home Bargains Opening Their Doors in Swindon

Home Bargains, one of the most popular retailers in the UK, are set to open their doors for the first time in Swindon.

According to recent reports, Home Bargains have invested around £600,000 in this new expansion which will be located on Hobley Drive and will be opening at 8am this Saturday. Based on past years, Home Bargains are opening around 50 stores each year.

The operations director of Home Bargains, Joe Morris, has stated, "We are incredibly excited to expand our store to the Swindon area. It's always a pleasure to focus our products to a different audience of customers."

The former Aldi unit is over 13,000 square-feet and will offer a wide range of products from homeware, to healthcare products, to groceries.

"The Hobley Drive unit is a fantastic business opportunity for us and we're excited that we can offer our great deals to the Swindon locals.", Joe continued.

Home Bargains receive over 4-million customers every week and as a popular retail choice for many, there is no reason for the new store not to be a success.