JD Sports, Treetop Adventure Golf, and Zara, All to Open Highcross Shopping Centre Stores

July 10, 2017

JD Sports, Treetop Adventure Golf, and Zara, All to Open Highcross Shopping Centre Stores

3 of the most popular retail and leisure businesses are set to expand themselves to vacancies at the Highcross shopping centre.

Highcross owner Hammerson has already prepared and secured their planning permission to get to work on the multi-million development project. This development will cost a massive £14 million and will divide a unit, which is currently occupied by House of Fraser, into 8 smaller units.

This development is scheduled to begin in September and end before the year ends.

Hammerson have stated that the change in this unit is a huge step forward and is an investment which they're excited about. They have also said that it allows for more businesses to get involved in the Highcross Shopping Centre.

The current House of Fraser store which occupies the unit includes three floors and totals about 100,000 square-feet; more than enough space for 8 thriving stores.

With this development, 8 different sized units will be used to accommodate a range of different businesses. From the retail and leisure giants, such as JD Sports, to food and drink venders.

Zara, a popular international clothing brand, will be occupying the St Peter's Square entrance unit which will allow them to double the size of their store. With this expansion, the store will be able to expand their sales to womenswear, menswear, and much more.

JD Sports are also going to be expanding their retail store into a 20,500 square-foot unit with the intention of increasing the sporting products which they have to offer.

Lastly, Treetop Adventure Gold will be taking to the Leicester area; proving how diverse the selection of stores which are at the Highcross Shopping Centre really is.