KFC Announced That They'll Be Adding 4 New Burgers to Their Menu - AND You Can Get One for Free

August 16, 2017

KFC Announced That They'll Be Adding 4 New Burgers to Their Menu - AND You Can Get One for Free

KFC has just announced that they intend to bring four brand-new southern chicken burgers to their menu.

The new burgers will be the Tennessee Jack, the Alabama Cheese, the Nashville Hot, and the Texas Ranch - each of which will be available from all UK KFC branches in the UK starting on the 14th of August.

To make the addition of these burgers even more exciting, KFC will be having several live musicians visit KFC locations to play southern music to go along with their burger experience.

The first burger, the Texas Ranch, is a BBQ burger. The burger starts with your typical KFC fried chicken burger, topped with Monterey Jack cheese, ranch dressing, and a hash brown - all sandwiched between a toasted bun.

Next, the Alabama Cheese. This burger, again, starts with a crispy KFC chicken breast, accompanied by two pieces of melted cheese, two gherkins, and topped with some ketchup and mustered - sandwiched together between a toasted brioche bun.

Now for the hot one, the Nashville Hot burger. With the Nashville Hot burger, you'll receive a chicken breast burger, smothered in the Nashville Hot Sauce, accompanied by crunchy gherkins and a cool ranch sauce.

Last, but not least, the Tennessee Jack burger. This BBQ chicken burger starts with your typical KFC chicken breast, Monterey Jack cheese, crispy bacon, and to top it all off, bourbon BBQ sauce.

KFC has also revealed a competition in which fans of the new burgers can grab one for free by simply applying for tickets to one of the several live gigs which they'll be hosting. With these free tickets, you can grab a free burger from the ones that we've discussed above, a portion of fries, and a drink. Did we mention that you get all of this for free?

Eight different KFC restaurant will be hosting live musicians for just one night - so make sure that you sign up for your chance to get a ticket!

All of the burgers in the Southern Legend menu are £3.99, or £4.99 when bought as a meal.

Interested in getting yourself one of these burgers for free? Check out the KFC UK Facebook page and discover if there's a gig near you.

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