Krispy Kreme Are Getting Ready to Expand to Swansea

September 05, 2017

Krispy Kreme Are Getting Ready to Expand to Swansea

Krispy Kreme, the most popular doughnut cafe across the globe, is about to open their doors in Swansea at the Quadrant Centre.

The new establishment will be opening its doors on the 7th of September and will feature 16 variations of their favourite doughnuts. From the popular Reese's PB doughnut to your classic Original Glazed - there'll be something for everyone.

Krispy Kreme is known for baking their doughnuts fresh every day and typically, you'll see customers buying them by the dozen to take home and share with their family and friends.

This new establishment will be a kiosk-style shop although will have a seating area right outside. Along with their doughnuts, the new shop will also be offering freshly ground coffee - prepared to your preferences and made with Arabica beans - the perfect thing to accompany your delicious treat.

When Krispy Kreme opens this establishment for the first time, they will be giving the first every customer one of the best prizes that you could ask for - a Gold card. With the Gold card, a customer will be able to get a "double dozen" of doughnuts each month for a whole year. There will also be goody bags given to the first twelve people in the queue.

Operations director, Alex Drysdale, has stated, "We're excited to bring the Krispy Kreme brand to Swansea and the welcome that we've received from locals so far has been simply amazing."

"We plan on handing out a Gold card as well as several goody bags on the day of the grand opening, so make sure that you attend!", Alex continued.