Liskeard Losing a Fish and Chips Favourite, But Receiving 3 Restaurants in Return

June 01, 2017

Liskeard Losing a Fish and Chips Favourite, But Receiving 3 Restaurants in Return

Liskeard, a small town in the south-east area of Cornwall, is about to lose one of their two fish and chips shops. However, they are on their way to receiving a new Wetherspoon's, Domino's, and even a Subway.

After over 40 years of providing their locals with a top-notch service, the Royal Cafes chip shop served their last customer, and closed their doors, on the 6th of May.

As announced by a local Facebook page, Liskeardprayers, "Chris Mitchell, the owner of Royal Cafes, will be retiring as of May. This leaves Ian's Plaice as the only chip shop in town!"

On a more positive note, 3 new restaurants will be showing their faces in Liskeard. In place of the chip shop, Domino's will be placed. Not only that, but Subway have announced that they plan to open a new branch on Dean Street. No dates have been announced.

Wetherspoon's announced in March that they are planning to expand their restaurant to Liskeard. This is something which has been discussed for several years. Following a revised planning application, Wetherspoon's revealed that they would be occupying a Barras Street location. No specific details are known yet, although rumour has it that the new pub restaurant will be called "The King Doniert".

While many locals have told that they are going to miss the local fish and chip shop, the locals seemed very optimistic to see what the new restaurants would be bringing to the table. Many locals also commented on the fact that Liskeard is getting more modern with what it has to offer.

One local mentioned, "A Wetherspoon's in Liskeard? We're stepping into the 21st century!", while another mentioned, "A Subway and a Domino's Pizza restaurant, in Liskeard? I can't believe that so many restaurants are choosing to open up in Liskeard!"

For the most part, it's safe to say that the Liskeard community are welcoming these additions with open arms.