Morrisons plan to open up a new store in St Ives

February 08, 2017

Morrisons plan to open up a new store in St Ives

One of the most well-known supermarket chains out there, Morrisons, have publicly announced their intentions to build a new branch in the St Ives area, to which they are currently awaiting approval for. Following on from this announcement, they are awaiting the decision to be made by the Huntingdonshire District Council and claim that it will create over 200 new jobs.

Although Morrisons have already requested permission to build on the site, and received the permission to do so, they altered their decision and instead submitted a new planning request for a slightly smaller Morrisons store.

"We are very excited to start on our new development plans and are currently only held back by the Huntingdonshire District Council's decision.", stated a Morrisons spokesman.

"Following our announcement, we are incredibly happy with the local community's support which they have shown towards us.", they continued.

The proposed plan also includes a retail unit which on top of the proposed 200 jobs, would create an additional 30 jobs and would increase the development from its original plan.

This scheme shows similarities to a previous scheme which Morrisons had proposed. In 2014, they had planned to open a branch in St Ives and even went as far as receiving planning permissions to do so. However, their competitors, Aldi and Lidl, begun receiving a lot more attention and were attracting more and more customers.

Many other retailers took this is a sign to backseat their expansion plans - such as Sainsbury's who opted to scrap their Huntingdon development and instead improve existing branches - and similarly, Morrisons feared they wouldn't be able to get a new branch up and running.

The earlier mentioned spokesman stated that in response to concerned locals who were curious as to whether the development was still proceeding; although the expected approval for the proposal was February, there are still concerns as to when the development will begin.

Morrisons stated that after conducting research, they found that a massive 90 percent of locals supported their development scheme due to the benefits brought by a supermarket only minutes away from their homes.

Currently, locals must travel to Cambourne for their nearest Morrisons store.

Morrisons have said that should the proposal go ahead, the new store would include a cafe, as well as Amazon lockers, and several other new and exciting aspects which they claim will make this store stand out from the crowd.