M&S food hall will be opening in the West Hampstead area

February 07, 2017

M&S food hall will be opening in the West Hampstead area

In just a month's time, a brand-new M&S food hall will be opening in the West Hampstead area.

Just minutes away from the West Hampstead tube station, a new M&S food hall will be opening up with the sole goal of providing their shoppers with some of M&S's high-quality food and drinks; all at a very reasonable price.

The food hall will be run by a total of 55 employees; 20 of which are only recently employed by the brand and have been hired locally.

Customers will be provided with a menu providing them with a vast number of meal choices, as well as a drinks menu (which even goes as far as providing alcohol).

Following on from the menu above, M&S's new healthy eating food range will also be a part of this menu. This healthy menu contains some of the most wholesome and freshest ingredients around, including avocado and sweet potato.

Kate Thomas, a long-time M&S employee who has worked for the company for over 16 years, will be running this new food hall.

"Our team at the M&S West Hampstead food hall couldn't be more excited to finally open up this new establishment that we've worked so hard on preparing for. Our goal with this food hall is to make every one of our customers feel as though they are the number one priority and get some constructive feedback from them.", Kate Thomas sated.

"The food hall will provide customers with a vast range of healthy and high-quality food alongside the products produced by our very own bakery. The bakery will focus on fresh bread, as well as cakes and pastries; all of which will be freshly prepared each day. Our grand opening date is the 22nd of February and we invite all of the locals to come join us in the celebration of this food hall.".

Customers are also able to use the "Collect-in-Store" service offered by M&S which allows for customers to collect their M&S orders from the food hall the next again day, without paying a penny.

This new food hall will be established at West Hampstead Square, inside of the Hardy Building, and will have the following opening hours.

Monday - Friday: 8am until 10pm

Saturday: 8am until 9pm

Sunday: 11am until 5pm