New Aldi to Open Up Next Month at Norwich Hall Road

April 27, 2017

New Aldi to Open Up Next Month at Norwich Hall Road

The management team behind the Aldi brand have stated that their new Aldi location in Norwich is set to open its doors next month.

Last year, Aldi were given permission to open up a new branch in the Hall Road retail park. The store will be located right next to the "Pets At Home" store and since they received permission, they have been hard at work preparing for opening their doors.

"We're excited to open our new Aldi location at the Hall Road retail park and can't wait to open the doors for the first time sometime in May. When we know the specifics of our opening date, we'll reveal it as soon as possible.", a spokeswoman for Aldi told us.

After receiving permission to open their 4th store in the Norwich area, this new Aldi store is intended to create as much as 50 new jobs.

However, not everyone is excited for the opening of this store.

Asda had launched a new store in Harford Place only a few weeks prior to Aldi being given permission and after hearing about Aldi's intention, Asda's upper management team requested that the council's planning committee refuse Aldi's planning application.

Following this, the legal team at Asda sent a "warning" which showed Aldi's new store may have a significant and harmful impact on local retail. Of course, this would include Asda.

Aldi quickly responded to this allegation stating that Asda's reasoning were false, and were for competitive commercial reasons.

The council's planning committee were on the edge about granting Aldi with permission to go forth with their plans prior to Asda's complaints, although upon making their decision, were adamant that it was the right decision to grant the proposal.

Paul Neale, the Green city council, stated, "If Asda don't like the heat of the competition, they should pack up and get out of the kitchen."

Aldi currently have multiple other stores in the Norwich area including their Larkman Lane, Plumstead Road, and Sprowston Road stores.

Not only will the new Hall Road Aldi store be opened up next month but Aldi have plans to open a 5th location at Drayton Road in the future.