New B&M Branch to Create Over 60 Jobs

March 29, 2017

New B&M Branch to Create Over 60 Jobs

With this new branch of B&M being opened to the Burton area, it will include two sections which aren't commonly found in B&M stores; homeware and garden.

With the discount giant B&M opening a new branch in Burton, they have stated that they hope to bring a new aspect of shopping to the Burton town centre as well as bring a boost to their local economy.

Prior to B&M taking its place in Burton, both Poundland and Family Bargains resided in the store slot. The B&M store, which is scheduled to have a launch on the 14th of April, is said to be creating over 60 new jobs for the locals and can be found on Horninglow Street.

B&M is without a doubt one of the fastest growing discount chains across the UK, so it has been expected for them to continue propping up new stores across the UK and for many, they hope that B&M continue to do so. There is currently a smaller B&M store located on Coopers Square, although there are no plans to shut this down in light of the new store.

A spokesman told that as with all the B&M stores which are currently open across the UK, you can expect find a variety of products from toys to homeware.

The spokesmen continued, "We are very excited to see how this increase in jobs helps the locals and are hopeful that customers will receive many benefits from this new establishment".

He went on to say, "We can't wait to open our doors and have customers experience our hard work."

B&M are currently advertising for staff roles to be filled. From part-time to full-time, from cleaners to managers; B&M are looking for a number of places to be filled.