New Home Bargains Store Construction Started in Thanet

May 10, 2017

New Home Bargains Store Construction Started in Thanet

Back in March, Home Bargains announced their intentions to open a new store on Ramsgate Road in the Westwood Industrial Estate. It is said that this new store will create roughly 50 new jobs.

The retail giant has already started construction on this new store and expect for it to be open to the public by August at the latest.

According to a Home Bargains spokesperson, the new store has already set out to hire new staff so that they can train them before the store opens its doors during the Summer.

Home Bargains currently has around 400 stores in the UK and is known for selling a wide range of products from fresh groceries, to health and beauty products, to homeware.

"After months of planning and waiting for our plans to be approved, we are happy to announce our new store in the Thanet area.", Joe Morris, the Operational Director of Home Bargains, told us.

He went on to tell us, "We are continuously working hard to improve the quality of the products which we have to offer and we make it our goal to ensure a quality customer experience. We are confident that our new location is an optimal location for a new Home Bargains store."

If you're interested in one of the new jobs which this new store has to offer, check out the Home Bargains website here and send in an application!