New McDonald's Restaurant to Open in Liverpool - 100 Jobs Up for Grabs

June 02, 2017

New McDonald's Restaurant to Open in Liverpool - 100 Jobs Up for Grabs

A new McDonald's location set to open on Great Homer Street in June.

After recent announcements, McDonald's have confirmed that they will be opening a new location in Great Homer Street and that this new location will bring as much as 100 new jobs.

This is the first McDonald's to be opened in the Liverpool area in over 10 years and is to be a part of the "Project Jennifer Regeneration Scheme".

McDonald's have announced that the restaurant will be opening on the 21st of June and that it will be one of the only McDonald's restaurants to offer table service.

Job applicants are asked to have a genuine smile when interacting with customers and getting on with their job.

Applicants who are successful and who are hired by McDonald's will be trained at the McDonald's Rice Lane location, before being sent to work at the new location.

Full-time employees are to take orders, make sure that the restaurant is kept clean, and ensure customer satisfaction.

According to the job advertisement, "You must be a confident individual and be happy when dealing with customers.

You must be an upbeat individual, friendly, and work well alongside your colleagues. You must be able to effectively communicate with other employees as well as the customers. When dealing with a customer, you must make eye contact and must communicate well.

You must also have a thorough understanding of the high standards which our customers have come to expect of McDonald's. This includes the high quality of service which we maintain, as well as the level of cleanliness. It is essential that our employees continue to have high levels of energy while they get on with their work efficiently.

Last, but not least, you are representing our restaurant and so you should appear as a smartly dressed, and clean, individual."

Younger workers, aged 16 or 17, will earn £5/hour. Workers aged between 18 and 20 will earn £6/hour. Workers aged between 21 and 24 will earn £7.3/hour. Lastly, workers aged 25 and over will earn £7.55/hour.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for employees to advance into management positions and train under Mark Blundell, a local francisee.

According to Mark, "I have a thorough understanding of how important it is put a lot of effort into new restaurant locations. It's no always as simple as slipping a new restaurant into a new area. I'm happy that this new location will bring a huge increase in jobs in Liverpool and I'm excited to be a part of everything that is to come.

We have excellent training programs in place so that each of our employees are trained to understand the high standards which are expected of them, and for those who want to advance, there are management courses available. I hope that over the coming months, the employees who we take on board will work alongside us in providing a fantastic service to our customers."