New Poundstretcher in Boston to Create 30 New Jobs

February 24, 2017

New Poundstretcher in Boston to Create 30 New Jobs

With a new Poundstrecher store opening in the Boston town centre, 30 new jobs are up for grabs. This new store, which was previously occupied by QD, is to be opened to the public on the morning of Saturday.

After negotiations with the landlord, QD removed themselves from the store which had once been occupied by Woolworths, to which Poundstretcher have seized the opportunity and claimed the store as their own.

A Poundstretcher spokesman stated, "Unlike the majority of our current stores, with consideration to how much space this premises provides us with, we are able to provide a much wider range of products and are able to carry much higher quantities of our products too. It's a win-win for everyone."

Following this, the spokesman continued with, "With the launch of this new store, we will be hiring a total of 30 new employees and will provide all of our existing employees with the chance to transfer their current jobs, to the new location."

According to signs which are currently placed outside of this new establishment, there will also be a "The Pet Hut" store located inside of Poundstretchers; a brand which is known as one of the only heavily discounted pet stores in the UK.

According to Wendy Flint, the regional manager for Poundstretcher in the Midlands, stated that the launch of this store proved to be a success