New Smyths Toys Opening in Tamworth

April 24, 2017

New Smyths Toys Opening in Tamworth

With a new Smyths Toys location opening in the next few days, the children of Tamworth are eager to get inside and see it for themselves.

This new store will open its doors for the first time on Friday the 14th of April, which is also Good Friday, and will welcome all of its customers with open arms.

To make this occasion even more special, a few different events will be taking place throughout the day. A face painting booth will be available, candy floss will be available, and much more.

The store is located in the Ventura Retail Park and will open its doors at 9am on Friday.

The store manager, Anthony Lydall, told, "We are very excited to open up this store location in the Ventura Retail Park. It truly is an incredible opportunity."

"To make sure that this opening is a memorable one, we're going to be hosting an Easter egg hunt on the Saturday following the release. Every child who attends this event will be given an Easter egg as they leave.", he continued.

Anthony went on to say, "Our goal with this new store is to expand our customer base and provide them with competitive pricing. It's a win-win for everyone."

There are currently over 100 Smyths Toys across the UK and they are continuing to expand every year.