New Store to Open in Penzance and Boost Jobs

April 28, 2017

New Store to Open in Penzance and Boost Jobs

A new "The Range" store is set to open first thing on Good Friday, at 9am sharp.

The store is set to bring a significant increase in jobs and with their plans to open another 2 new stores on the same day, as many as 250 new jobs are going to be created across the UK. This alone is a huge step forward for The Range.

As well as their plans to open a new store in Penzance, The Range have plans to open new stores in Cannock and on the Isle of Wight, both on the same day.

According to The Range, they are aiming to take an aggressive approach to their growth as a retail brand in the UK and went on to say that they aim to have a minimal of 135 stores across the UK by Easter weekend.

Chris Dawson, the CEO and founder of The Range, is a well-known figure in the south-west.

Back in 1989 Chris started as a small-time market stall owner. He grew the number of stands which he owned and named them "Chris Dawson Superstores", otherwise known as CDS. His passion only grew from this point onwards, leading him to investing his time and money into much bigger ventures.

Each of these stores will include 16 departments in total, including departments such as furniture, DIY, and arts and crafts.

Pirate FM will be present at the launch of the new store to help welcome all of the customers, as well as entertain those attending.

"Any business owner will tell you the excitement behind opening a new store, so imagine how it feels to open three on the same day. It's an incredible feeling.", Chris Dawson told.

He went on to say, "This investment isn't only great for all of us here, but with our intentions to open more stores, we are contributing greatly to national economy growth.", "The next year of our business is set to be full of business expansions. Along with our new distribution centre opening up in Bristol towards the end of May, we're going to be opening new departments at our stores and opening even more stores. It truly is exciting."

"We invite all local communities to attend the opening events at our Penzance, Cowes, and Cannock locations. We're excited for all that is to come.", Chris continued.

According to Pirate FM, there are intentions of giveaways to be hosted.