Newhall Walk store owned by Halfords in Sutton Coldfield closes to reopen in Princess Alice Retail

March 01, 2017

Newhall Walk store owned by Halfords in Sutton Coldfield closes to reopen in Princess Alice Retail

Halfords, the car accessories and bike giant, is set to close to shut down its store in Sutton Coldfield. The reason for this being that they are relocating to a retail park.

This is not a permanent situation as they plan to reopen on Tuesday March 7. Opening their doors for business at its new premises at the Princess Alice Retail Park, as the Observer reported on December 23.

It would make it the second Halfords store to undergo the rebranding which hopes to feature innovativeness and focus on providing the best customer experience.

Not surprisingly, the move would also assure the creation of about six new job openings.

The storeowners disclosed that the Princess Alice Retail Park store would have a "modern new look and feel" coupled with a fresh set of furniture, decor, store fittings and Feng Shui. The customers are not left behind. There would also be a customer lounge along with connectivity points and endless cups of coffee. It would not be complete without Wi-Fi for customers who are waiting to have the vehicles checked on.

Paul O'Hara, Halfords' store development director, said: "We have chosen to prioritize the customer experience, dedicating a practical and comfortable area for customers to make use of while they had their needs attended to."

A new "Smart Fit" center would be stationed in the cycling area. Customers aged 8 and above would have their measurements taken virtually to find the perfect bike. As an extra feature, there is also an option to 'try before you buy'. This allows customers to get a feel of a bike before deciding the purchase it. The cycling area would also now include changing room facilities, off the shop floor for that extra privacy.

Paul went on: "Making sure our customers are completely happy with their purchase is a top priority."

A number of cycle racks and tire pumps would also be seen in the new shop for the two-wheeled customers. A block of fitting bays would be dedicated for on-the-spot bulb, battery and wiper blade fittings and windscreen chip repairs.

A new community board that would be in charge of encouraging local cycling and motoring groups is also an add-on with the new shop. Publicizing news and events would be their Modus Operandi. Mr. O'Hara said, "Whether it's cycling groups arranging local ride outs or motoring enthusiasts looking for that rare car part, Halfords is the obvious place to hold that conversation. Halfords regularly hosts kids' bike workshops and it is our ambition to get more involved in the local community."

The news of Halfords moving to Princess Alice Retail came only days after Heron Foods confirmed it had shut down its Cool Trader store in the Red Rose Center as their lease had "ended".