North Tyneside will have a new store of Specsavers

March 24, 2017

North Tyneside will have a new store of Specsavers

North Tyneside will have one more place of importance for shopping: Specsavers.

Based in the Killingworth Center, the Mayor Norma Redfearn will also take part in the opening of the store. Due to this new business, there will be job openings for four people and it is run by Gerard Crulley and Ruth Moore, who have been in the optical industry since the past three decades and are steering Specsavers to success as directors.

Gerard expressed his happiness about the new store and he is also excited about the popular guest for their opening: The Mayor!

With the new store, they have invested greatly on high-tech optical equipment where customers can walk in to have sight tests, hearing tests etc. which are as of now carried out in the store only once a week.

The team at Killingworth is highly excited and customers will have a wonderful experience at this store. With a welcoming team who are experts in eye care, audiology and customer service, the team will serve to different needs of customers and it will be a great experience.

Spread over two floors and comprising of three optical test rooms that make use of Digital Precision Eye care, they have cutting edge technology to help customers select the glasses based on prescription, their preferences and imaging techniques used on tablet devices.

There are two test rooms and a sound proof booth present in the audiology section.

There is a dedicated area for contact lens and a high-tech digital retinal camera helps them to detect conditions well in advance such as glaucoma, which is achieved by capturing a photo of the back of the eye.

Redfearn also added that Specsavers is excited about its new store in the vicinity and the offerings of this store will add to the excellence of Killingsworth Center.

She also expressed her good wishes and luck for the new store. If you are planning to visit this store, please be informed that the store will be operational throughout the week and it will be open from 8:45 AM to 6 PM on all days except Sunday, when the timings will be 10 AM to 4 PM.