Poundland could be about to move into the former BHS store in Taunton

February 06, 2017

Poundland could be about to move into the former BHS store in Taunton

With the retail supergiant BHS shutting down, Poundland are rumoured to be relocating their Taunton branch to the former North Street BHS location.

There has been recent rumouring that Poundland may be moving to one of BHS's former store locations in Taunton; less than 100-meters down the road from the current Poundland premises.

A spokeswoman for the Poundland chain stated that, "While we try not to comment on any rumours concerning our brand, we'd like to take this opportunity to say that we are constantly in search for new locations to provide our customers with the deals that we are known for providing"

The rumour started shortly after a planning application had been filed with the Taunton Deane Borough Council, in which the Poundland move to the former BHS location was proposed.

That being said, the proposal is not set in stone and due to the fact that the proposal is to be decided by the Dean House development control manager, there's a chance that the proposal may not even have to go as far as the authority planning committee.

As has already been stated, this premise move proposal which has been submitted by "Wire Investment" most likely will not go as far the authorities planning committee due to how the committee has been recommended to be chosen by the Dean House development control manager.

Since BHS liquidated back in the summer of 2016, their stores have remained empty and have been full of potential since.

Before the company inevitably closed their doors, they had failed to find a buyer and thus, were forced to liquidate their assets.