Primark Hope to Open a New Location in Colchester

February 23, 2017

Primark Hope to Open a New Location in Colchester

With Primark previously announcing their intentions to open a new branch of their brand in Colchester, shoppers will be queuing up as the launch approaches.

The store will be located on Lion Walk in the store plot where one of the BHS stores was located, before the brand liquidated, and will be opening their doors for the first time on Thursday at 10am. However, special visitors are invited to access the store 1-hour earlier than the official opening time.

At 10am, when the official opening time is, the doors will be open and a ribbon will be cut before customers inevitably flood through the store.

In June of 2015, Primark released a statement signifying that they would be opening a store in Colchester, although were struggling to find a suitable store location.

Since this statement, Primark have found a location and focused on completely remodelling the location to suit their new store's business needs.

Lion Walk, where this new store is established, have been handing out Primark vouchers to those who have won competitions as celebration to the addition of Primark.