Sainsbury's in Brookwood Planning to Add an Argos and a Mini Habitat

March 31, 2017

Sainsbury's in Brookwood Planning to Add an Argos and a Mini Habitat

Sainsbury's have recently announced their intentions to open both an Argos and Mini Habitat branch within the existing Sainsbury's store located in Brookwood.

Soon you will be given the option to collect Argos products from within Sainsbury's as well as any Mini Habitat items which you may purchase.

This addition is scheduled to be released on the 22nd of March, following Sainsbury's recent acquiring of "Home Retail Group", and is said to create roughly 25 jobs.

The Argos store will allow for you to pick up thousands of items as soon as you've ordered them, collect over 20,000 items just within hours of purchasing them, and a further 20,000 items can be delivered to your front door.

On top of this, an eBay collection point will be available.

The Mini Habitat store will consist of over 650 habitat items from basic homeware to refurbishment items. They will also be providing thousands of other items which can be ordered for later collection.

"Sainsbury's is a huge retail brand and is continuing to grow every day. We are very happy to welcome both of these stores into the brand and hope that they are as excited as we are.", Mark Salmon said.

The Sainsbury's manager continued, "This merge is a great opportunity for the customers as well as the brand, and not only provides them with more convenient shopping, but also allows them to have access to a wider range of items."