Several Big Brands Expanding at White Rose Shopping Centre

August 10, 2017

Several Big Brands Expanding at White Rose Shopping Centre

One of the UK's biggest commercial developers, Landsec, has recently announced that two popular retail brands are to open new and improved stores in the White Rose Shopping Centre.

Next have recently opened their new 55,000 square-foot store, River Island have also announced their intentions to expand to a 25,000 square-foot store, and lastly, Superdry will be completely renovating their unit and will be taking a new approach to sales at White Rose.

In order to fulfil their expansion plan, Next have moved to a new unit in the shopping centre and is now a two story store; effectively doubling their operations! During this expansion, Next spent over £6 million on both the interior and exterior design.

The intentions of this expansion are so that the store can bring more of their popular collections to the White Rose Shopping Centre such as their children's clothing and homeware department which prior to the expansion, weren't available.

Superdry, who have also announced that they will be expanding their brand in White Rose, have redesigned their unit and have told customers that they will be focusing their products on sportswear, leisure clothing, and ski-wear. This is a new concept which is still in a testing phase for the Superdry brand.

The portfolio director of Landsec, Rob Jewell, stated that, "The redeveloped Next store will be opening their doors alongside River Island and with these redevelopments, we will see the introduction of two flagship stores. On top of this, the new Superdry store has recently opened its doors too. There's no doubting that this will bring an incredible boost to the local economy."

Next's store manager, Aran Kelly, told us, "Our staff team have had a lot of fun setting up this new store and we're excited to get some constructive feedback from our customers. We've already seen a lot of acceptance from the customers here at White Rose!"