Superdrug Planning to Open 30 New UK Stores

July 25, 2017

Superdrug Planning to Open 30 New UK Stores

The executives at Superdrug have recently revealed that they are planning to open as many as 30 new stores and in doing so, they will be creating roughly 600 new jobs.

Owner of many popular high street chains in the UK, AS Watson, is planning to expand and open 45 new Savers branches on top of their Superdrug expansion, which will allow them to employ a further 450 employees. On top of this, they will be opening 13 new Perfume Shop branches, which will employ another 78 employees.

This incredible announcement follows the release of AS Watson's 2016 tax return which showed they had profited 41% more than they did in 2015. After they announced this return, they credited the profit increase to their success of opening 23 new Superdrug locations.

To further this, Superdrug went on to say that the increase in their profits was majorly due to the launch of their online doctor service. This service lets customers discuss their health issues with a medical professional and also discuss their prescriptions.

Peter Macnab, a chief executive of AS Watson, stated, "The past year for the company have been overwhelmingly positive and we will continue to believe that the high quality of service which we provide our customers with is the reason for our success."

At this moment in time, Superdrug has not yet announced how many of the upcoming 600 jobs will be appointed to their pharmacies.