TK Maxx and River Island all set to make a grand entry in Orchard Centre in Didcot worth 50m

March 03, 2017

TK Maxx and River Island all set to make a grand entry in Orchard Centre in Didcot worth 50m

Among the outgoing population of Didcot, there is something to look forward for, all thanks for the new £50m plaza that is about to come up. The Orchard Center is set over a sprawling 150,000 square feet and will welcome TK Maxx and River Island.

As per information available on the website of MMX Retail, it indicates that H&M is also planning to set steps here. However, the developers of the property, Hammerson, have not confirmed it yet. If you are planning to dine at this place, it is definitely worth your time as popular chains such as Costa, Starbucks, Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Pierre Bistro will also be a part of this.

Steve Connel, the Mayor of Didcot, is all praises for the town and the emergence of a massive project in the vicinity. What makes it more exciting according to him is the way in which businesses are lining up to make an entry. As per his words, H&M will be two-storied and there will also be other fine dining options available here and it will also welcome restaurants and shops that were not present in Didcot previously.

As per the initial discussions, H&M and TK Maxx are planning to opt for 10,000 square feet each to set up their store. The remaining six units are still under negotiation with other companies and there are thirteen units available.

With the second phase, Orchard Center will boast of 28 units in total and Marks & Spencer will also make an entry then. It will also feature nearly 105 parking spots to handle the visitors. As per the development manager of Hammerson, Thomas Cochrane, they are delighted to have onboard TK Maxx, River Island and M&S, who have signed up for £50m as a part of the Orchard Center extensions.

He said that there are other popular brands in the pipeline and once the plans materialize, they will make it official. The Station Road is also under construction to facilitate the new route for buses to ply and will be ready within 14 weeks, following which the construction of phase 2 will commence.

Clare Lightfoot, a resident of the same area was glad that the new brands will make an entry in their vicinity and the High Street brands will make it interesting. With the popular brands showing up, youngsters will be happy and people from the surrounding areas such as Abingdon and Wallingford will start visiting Didcot when they wish to shop.

Due to this, people visiting Oxford for shopping will reduce significantly and they will start visiting Didcot more often comparatively. However, the pedestrian zone will have to be demolished to make way for the bus route, which might seem to be a slightly hindering factor for the pedestrians of Didcot.

Also, MMX Retail and H&M did not confirm when asked about their plans for Orchard Center.