Tony Macaroni and Nando's to Expand to the Clydebank Area

April 21, 2017

Tony Macaroni and Nando's to Expand to the Clydebank Area

Announced only a few days ago, Clydebank are welcoming both a Nando's as well as a Tony Macaroni which will be bringing a combined 80 plus jobs.

The planning committee for the West Dunbartonshire Council have approved the re-development of the current Harry Corry store, that is location within the Clyde Shopping Centre . This unit is located in between a Domino's pizza restaurant and a McDonalds.

The restaurants have teamed together to make this expansion a success for both parties and claimed that they will create a combined 40 part-time jobs on top of the 40 full-time jobs.

"At the moment, we are looking at all of our options and deciding the best approach for the expansion of Nando's into Clyde Shopping Centre later in the year.", a Nando's spokeswoman said.

The 921 square-metre store unit will be split between the 2 restaurants and will be separated by a glass divider for aesthetic purposes. The unit will also take into account for an external seating area in front of it.

In the past, there were applications sent to the West Dunbartonshire Council's planning committee to transform the unit into a subdivided betting shop as well as a public house, although after being approved the plan didn't go forth.

According to the committee's papers, "The applications shows that the unit will occupy two of the biggest restaurant chains; Nando's and Tony Macaroni. Their plans have shown that they intend to have over 80 employees between them. The current businesses which is located in this unit is only there temporarily and for the short-term, and the landlord has stated their intentions to seek a tenant who is there for a long-term basis."

"We conclude that the proposed business which will occupy the unit will have only a positive impact to the Clyde Shopping Centre and that they will in no way negatively impact the area around it", the papers stated.

There have yet to be any comments made in regard to the papers which have been published. The applicant, GL Hearn, refused to comment on the papers and instead suggested that any questions be answered by the Centre's owner.

The chief executive of Dunbartonshire's Chamber of Commerce congratulated the business and went on to say, "Both of these businesses are well-known and have become big names across the UK. We have high hopes for both of these brands making a name in the Centre."

He continued, "These additions to the area will help to bring more diverse catering options throughout the area and will increase customer numbers throughout the Clyde Shopping Centre. Not only that, but our community will have access to more jobs. We are excited to see how both of these business pan out in the long-term."