Waterstones to Return to Torquay

June 27, 2017

Waterstones to Return to Torquay

Years after closing down one of their bookstores in the same area, Waterstones have announced that they will be returning to the Torquay area. Back in August of 2010, Waterstones shut down their store but in recent days, signs have begun to appear in their former unit which have stated that the store will be opening back up.

After Waterstones closed their doors in Torquay, the unit became home to HMV and shortly after Poundland, although it seems as though Waterstones will be returning.

A Waterstones spokesperson has stated, "We're ecstatic that we are going to be returning to a former location in Torquay and see a bright future for our book store in this area. The store will be at 15 Union Street and we have plans to hire around 10 staff to run the store. We will be releasing more information regarding the store in the near future."

There has been no date announced for the opening of the bookshop although there are several indications that the bookshop is going to be opening its doors very soon.

Recently there have been advertisements for both a cafe shop manager as well as baristas for the upcoming store within the Newton Abbot branch.

Waterstones have also announced that they have huge plans to expand their current bookstore on Exeter High Street. The announcement of this expansion came shortly after they announced that they will be closing their bookstore which is on the High Street.

To prevent staff from falling out of a job, and also eliminate the need to search for staff, the High Street staff will all be transferred to the Waterstones on Exeter High Street. The expansion will include a third floor as well as a larger cafe.

A Waterstones spokesman has told us, "Exeter is one of the places where we have seen positives results from having two bookstores nearby. We intend on closing down our High Street bookstore and refurbishing our Roman Gate bookstore. By doing this, we are going to be transferring our staff team from the High Street branch into the Roman Gate bookstore."

The Ivy, the restaurant which will be taken over what is soon to be a former Waterstones bookstore, are one of the most popular restaurants in London.

Troia Restaurants, the company behind The Ivy, have submitted their planning application to change the Cathedral Yard unit and have requested that the upper floors of the building can be refurbished as a kitchen as well as staff rooms.