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In truth, Uniqlo has seen a mixed history within the UK. As a Japanese clothing company, it was first launched in 1949 and soon made headway in Germany, the US, and Australia. Therefore, they had huge ambitions to open in the UK back in 2000. Sadly, these plans were reversed in 2003 and 16 stores were closed including locations in Coventry and Manchester.

Despite this, a flagship store in Oxford Street started to progress once again and the name started to take hold. Over time, they have continued to grow in the UK and they now have 10 stores with eight based in the capital. Moving away from the UK, they are a huge name elsewhere and have over 850 stores in Japan alone. Across the world, they are steadily pushing 1,500 stores with 30,000 employees so we just might see more in the UK in future years.